FEB/MARCH 2006 (Scott)

Surprised by Joy, the autobiography of C.S. Lewis – It is amazing. His insights on life are life changing.

The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis on education and the objectivity of our sense experience. Very Interesting. Especially the essay Men Without Chests.

The Essential 55, Ron Clark. This guy is a teacher who was teaching in Harlem with inner city kids and turner their lives around. The essential 55 are the 55 rules and protocols for his classroom. They are amazing. Some are a little iffy, but some have changed the way I teach.

Now Reading – Paradise Lost, Milton – One of the most awesome books I have ever read. It has elements of Screwtape letters and the Iliad all mixed together. Voyage of the Dawn Treader, CS Lewis (Again with the kiddos)

Just bought – Malcom by George MacDonald; Redeeming the Time…A Christian Approach to Work and Leisure by Leland Ryken (Looks amazing); Penrod and Sam and  Seventeen by Booth Tarkington (Hilarious);



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